Mission Statement

We are working to protect Chicago's Water systems from privatization

Water is a human right and is necessary for survival; a resource this important should never be subordinated to the whims of the market and for-profit companies. The citizens of Chicago want to hold their elected officials accountable for the fair, equitable and sustainable management of water, our most precious resource.

Privatization of water systems in the United States has been consistently shown to raise water rates and reduce the quality of water in affected cities. Nonprofit organizations like Food and Water Watch have done research on this issue. Their website on the issue is here.

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Take Action

We Chicagoans love our water! Please help protect it by lobbying your Alderman to sign onto the Pledge to Protect Chicago's Water from privatization and the Asset Lease Taxpayers Protection Ordinance.

Ald. Scott Waguespack intends to reintroduce the Asset Lease Taxpayer Protection Ordinance back into the City Council soon. More information about it can be found here and below.

Asset Lease Taxpayer Protection Ordinance

On November 7, 2009, Alderman Scott Waguespack introduced an ordinance that would provide specific guidelines for future privatization efforts by the city. This legislation aims to ensure that proposed privatization of a public asset should be done with goals in mind that extend beyond maximizing the initial payout for the asset, and that current and future taxpayers get fair value for the asset.

The impetus for this ordinance stems from the privatization of the parking meter system, in which the city leased its parking meters for 75 years for a fraction of its value and has already spend a majority of the revenue. Provisions of the Asset Lease Taxpayer Protection Ordinance include:

  • Increased transparency through public meetings and notification requirements
  • Third party valuation
  • Lease length limits and reassessment periods

  • We already have 10 Aldermen who have signed the Pledge To Protect Chicago's Water.

  • 3rd Ward: Pat Dowell
  • 26th Ward: Roberto Maldonado
  • 30th Ward: Ariel E. Reboyras
  • 32nd Ward: Scott Waguespack
  • 35th Ward: Rey Colon
  • 36th Ward: Nicholas Sposato
  • 38th Ward: Timothy M. Cullerton
  • 45th Ward: John Arena
  • 47th Ward: Ameya Pawar
  • 49th Ward: Joe Moore

  • If one of these Aldermen listed above is your Aldermen, then please congratulate them for signing the Pledge to Protect Chicago's Water. And then please ask them to contact Ald. Scott Waguespack and become a co-sponsor on his Asset Lease Taxpayer Protection Ordinance.

    If your Alderman is not listed above please contact them and ask them to sign onto the Pledge to Protect Chicago's Water and to co-sponsor Ald. Scott Waguespack's Asset Lease Taxpayer Protection Ordinance.

    Then please get back to us with your Alderman's response so we can list all their responses, either positive or negative, on our website, www.protectchicagoswater.com. Please send their responses to drlora2@yahoo.com or call Dr. Lora Chamberlain at 773-486-7660.

    It is best to go to your Alderman's office by appointment or when their open meetings are scheduled and talk to them in person with a copy of the Pledge. They can sign it right there in front of you. We will list their responses either positive or negative, to the pledge and/or the Ordinance on our website under their Ward number, www.protectchicagoswater.com.

    You can find your Aldermen's contact info here.

    Thank you for working to protect Chicago's Water. Our public water is the most important asset that we have, thanks for recognizing it's value.

    Dr. Lora Chamberlain and David Kennedy